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Jean-Yves Porret, independent Pharma Consultant and Expert in products and processes after 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, helps you in your project or gives you punctual and customized supports.

Pharmaceutical industry

Global Overview on Pharma Technologies

My services on the production lines of more than 40 European pharmaceutical laboratories, have allowed me to acquire a good knowledge and overview of technologies, trends, organizations, quality levels, techniques and equipment, used today in the pharmaceutical industry.

Technics on products and processes

Pharma Process and Syringe Expertise

10 years as a machine builder, and then 20 years as a process Expert for the Pharma industry, including 6 years at the head of BD Technical Support for Pharma processes with close relationships with machine builders, have enable me to develop a sharp sense of analysis, as well as strong technical skills in syringes and pharma processes.

Jean-Yves Porret

Interpersonal Skills and Values

As a result of my experiences as an equipment buyer, project Leader, department Head, and finally Head of the BD syringe Technical Support for European Customers, I have developed a keen sensitivity to customer service, flexibility, team leadership and team dynamics, project management, international relationships, time keeping, rigour and confidentiality.